Thursday, September 4, 2014

Slim-Jim Antenna

      Just completed my slim-jim antenna last week. The materials used are 14 SWG copper wire from old electrical cable and some old PVC's and PVC Connectors. I used a 1.9 Meter 1/2" PVC to assemble element and 1'' PVC for covering the element with an PVC end cap on top and an so239 connector at the bottom end to connect the feeder.

      I used a RG 58 feeder cable and a small balun at the antenna feeder end. And here it is at my roof top. The calculation for element length can be found in google. Do consider a parasitic effect due to PVC and build the antenna with a tuning frequency slightly greater than the required tuning frequency.

Balun for 145.000 MHz.

Cheers !!! ...

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