Thursday, September 4, 2014

Baofeng UV-5R External Mic and PTT

     Here is the simplest circuit or just a setup to interface external condenser mic and a PTT switch to a UV-5R VHF transceiver. This setup can be used by those who wish to make a base station with fixed external antenna using UV-5R. Gain of the mic can be adjuster varying the bias resistance R1. I chose a 5KOhm which works good for me.

      The Speaker and Transceiver can be kept in a single unit like a shielded or unshielded box. An extension cable (2+1 audio grade Shield Cable) with 3.5mm plug on both ends can connect these two circuits. No external power supply is required for this circuit and can be build from scratch.

      Here is my setup using some old PVC's and the PVC connectors as these materiel are easy to source. Just build it so simple from junk... :)


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