Monday, January 16, 2012

PIC Kit 2 Clone

          Hi friends, Here am presenting a USB PIC programmer which is easy to build and supports almost in all computers including  latest laptop. It is supported by MPLAB IDE and Pic Kit 2 v2.61 for interfacing with computer and debugging the PIC. It uses a firmware which is used in genuine Microchip PIC programmers. Instead of ICSP (In Circuit series programming) a ZIF (Zero insertion force) socket is used which can make it easy to program the PIC and easy removal from the programmer. The USB interface is made using the PIC 18F2550.

My Prototype Programmer

This programmer supports almost all PIC microcontrollers the following PIC are tested and verified by me.

PIC16F (DIP14, 18, 20, 28 y 40)
PIC18F (DIP18, 20, 28 y 40)
dsPIC30F (DIP28 y 40)

The schematic and PCB are included in the resource file which is edited in EAGLE v5.4 software. This circuit is from the link

   The Inductor used in the programmer noted as 680uH should be of this range or above 470uH range to provide necessary VDD while programming.

Here are the links for the requires files.

Good Luck.

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